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This is not an OFFICIAL list. A key question for data mining and data science researchers is to know what are the top journals and conferences in the field, since it is always best to publish in the most popular journals or conferences.In this blog post, I will look at four different rankings of data mining journals and conferences based on different criteria, and discuss these rankings. Intelligent Systems Conference 2017 (IntelliSys 2017) Wei Cheng, Kai Zhang, Haifeng Chen, Guofei Jiang 08/27/2016; Annealed Sparsity via Adaptive and Dynamic Shrinking The conference will examine real-world business examples, relying on case studies and best practices to uncover AI’s potential. May 9–10, 2017 Machine Learning and Data Mining in Pattern Recognition, 5th International Conference, MLDM 2007, Leipzig, Germany, July 18-20, 2007, Proceedings. The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers from all over the world who deal with machine learning and data mining in order to discuss the recent status of the research and to direct further developments. We have plans to enable most normal conference events virtually. All other categories should be treated as "unranked".AREA: DatabasesRank 1:        SIGMOD: ACM SIGMOD Conf on Management of Data       PODS: ACM SIGMOD Conf on Principles of DB Systems       VLDB: Very Large Data Bases       ICDE: Intl Conf on Data Engineering        CIKM: Intl. Source 2019 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (IEEE BigData 2019) December 9-12, 2019 @ Los Angeles, CA, USA Workshop on Formal Methods for Industrial Critical SystemsJFPLC - International French Speaking Conference on Logic and Constraint ProgrammingL&L - Workshop on Logic and LearningSFP - Scottish Functional Programming WorkshopLCCS - International Workshop on Logic and Complexity in Computer ScienceVLFM - Visual Languages and Formal MethodsNASA LaRC Formal Methods WorkshopPASTE: Workshop on Program Analysis For Software Tools and EngineeringTLCA: Typed Lambda Calculus and ApplicationsFATES - A Satellite workshop on Formal Approaches to Testing of SoftwareWorkshop On Java For High-Performance ComputingDSLSE - Domain-Specific Languages for Software EngineeringFTJP - Workshop on Formal Techniques for Java ProgramsWFLP - International Workshop on Functional and (Constraint) Logic ProgrammingFOOL - International Workshop on Foundations of Object-Oriented LanguagesSREIS - Symposium on Requirements Engineering for Information SecurityHLPP - International workshop on High-level parallel programming and applicationsINAP - International Conference on Applications of PrologMPOOL - Workshop on Multiparadigm Programming with OO LanguagesPADO - Symposium on Programs as Data ObjectsTOOLS: Int'l Conf Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and SystemsAustralasian Conference on Parallel And Real-Time SystemsPASTE: Workshop on Program Analysis For Software Tools and EngineeringAvoCS: Workshop on Automated Verification of Critical SystemsSPIN: Workshop on Model Checking of SoftwareFemSys: Workshop on Formal Design of Safety Critical Embedded SystemsAda-EuropePPDP: Principles and Practice of Declarative ProgrammingAPL ConferenceASM: Workshops on Abstract State MachinesCOORDINATION: Coordination Models and LanguagesDocEng: ACM Symposium on Document EngineeringDSV-IS: Design, Specification, and Verification of Interactive SystemsFMCAD: Formal Methods in Computer-Aided DesignFMLDO: Workshop on Foundations of Models and Languages for Data and ObjectsIFL: Implementation of Functional LanguagesILP: International Workshop on Inductive Logic ProgrammingISSTA: International Symposium on Software Testing and AnalysisITC: International Test ConferenceIWFM: Irish Workshop in Formal MethodsJava GrandeLP: Logic Programming: Japanese ConferenceLPAR: Logic Programming and Automated ReasoningLPE: Workshop on Logic Programming EnvironmentsLPNMR: Logic Programming and Non-monotonic ReasoningPJW: Workshop on Persistence and JavaRCLP: Russian Conference on Logic ProgrammingSTEP: Software Technology and Engineering PracticeTestCom: IFIP International Conference on Testing of Communicating SystemsVL: Visual LanguagesFMPPTA: Workshop on Formal Methods for Parallel Programming Theory and ApplicationsWRS: International Workshop on Reduction Strategies in Rewriting and ProgrammingFATES: A Satellite workshop on Formal Approaches to Testing of SoftwareFORMALWARE: Meeting on Formalware Engineering: Formal Methods for Engineering SoftwareDRE: conference Data Reverse EngineeringSTAREAST: Software Testing Analysis & Review ConferenceConference on Applied Mathematics and Scientific ComputingInternational Testing Computer Software ConferenceLinux Showcase & ConferenceFLOPS: International Symposum on Functional and Logic ProgrammingGCSE: International Conference on Generative and Component-Based Software EngineeringJOSES: Java Optimization Strategies for Embedded SystemsAADEBUG: Automated and Algorithmic DebuggingAMAST: Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology  AREA: Algorithms and Theory Rank 1: STOC: ACM Symp on Theory of ComputingFOCS: IEEE Symp on Foundations of Computer ScienceCOLT: Computational Learning Theory LICS: IEEE Symp on Logic in Computer ScienceSCG: ACM Symp on Computational GeometrySODA: ACM/SIAM Symp on Discrete AlgorithmsSPAA: ACM Symp on Parallel Algorithms and ArchitecturesISSAC: Intl. SGAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI-2017) San Francisco, CA We anticipate to have attendees from about 75 countries and territories.) Acquisition & Machine LearningICANN: International Conf on Artificial Neural NetworksICCB: International Conference on Case-Based ReasoningICGA: International Conference on Genetic AlgorithmsICONIP: Intl Conf on Neural Information ProcessingIEA/AIE: Intl Conf on Ind. 7. in P Perner (ed. The acceptance rate for the papers were 33 percent. Why you should attend: AI engineers, practitioners, researchers and scientists will discuss the latest developments in the field, while tutorials and workshops will give attendees a chance to hone their skills. Journal of Computer and … July 24th, 2017 The MLDM2017 is over now. March 24, 2017 In terms of research annually, USA and Europe are some of the leading countries where maximum studies related to data extraction are being carried out. Icp ram is hosted on Proceedings of International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, pp. July 15–20, 2017 (23 Mar 2020) ICML 2020 will be a virtual conference. Applications covered will include pattern recognition, decision-making, human-computer interaction. Domino Data Science Pop-Up About Core Ranking: The CORE Conference Ranking is a measure to assess the major conference in the computing field. Why you should attend: The focus of this Summit is “the rise of intelligent machines to make sense of data.” “Deep-dive workshops” will give attendees the opportunity to explore specific topics, from natural language processing to pattern recognition. MLconf is a machine learning conference designed to gather the community to discuss the recent research and application of Algorithms, Tools, and Platforms to solve the hard problems that exist within organizing and analyzing massive and noisy data sets. Analysis of Images and PatternsCSSAC: Cognitive Science Society Annual ConferenceECCV: European Conference on Computer VisionEAI: European Conf on AIEML: European Conf on Machine LearningGECCO: Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (used to be GP)IAAI: Innovative Applications in AIICIP: Intl Conf on Image ProcessingICNN/IJCNN: Intl (Joint) Conference on Neural NetworksICPR: Intl Conf on Pattern RecognitionICDAR: International Conference on Document Analysis and RecognitionICTAI: IEEE conference on Tools with AIAMAI: Artificial Intelligence and MathsDAS: International Workshop on Document Analysis SystemsWACV: IEEE Workshop on Apps of Computer VisionCOLING: International Conference on Computational Liguistics EMNLP: Empirical Methods in Natural Language ProcessingEACL: Annual Meeting of European Association Computational LingusticsCoNLL: Conference on Natural Language LearningDocEng: ACM Symposium on Document EngineeringIEEE/WIC International Joint Conf on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent TechnologyICDM - IEEE International Conference on Data Mining Rank 3:  PRICAI: Pacific Rim Intl Conf on AIAAI: Australian National Conf on AIACCV: Asian Conference on Computer VisionAI*IA: Congress of the Italian Assoc for AIANNIE: Artificial Neural Networks in EngineeringANZIIS: Australian/NZ Conf on Intelligent Inf. Conf on Inofrm and Comm. Please see the letter from the organizers for more details. Geneva, Switzerland The detailed procedure behind the ranking is unknown to the author. The ranking was created by Australian deans and the Australian Computing Research and Education Association of Australasia (CORE). &. About Qualis Ranking: This conference ranking is published by the Brazilian ministry of education. May 11, 2017 10. Conf on Software MaintenanceHASKELL - Haskell Workshop Rank 3:  FASE: Fund Appr to Soft EngAPSEC: Asia-Pacific S/E ConfPAP/PACT: Practical Aspects of PROLOG/Constraint TechALP: Intl Conf on Algebraic and Logic ProgrammingPLILP: Prog, Lang Implentation & Logic ProgrammingLOPSTR: Intl Workshop on Logic Prog Synthesis & TransfICCC: Intl Conf on Compiler ConstructionCOMPSAC: Intl. Conference; Deep Learning; There’s a record amount of exciting Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning conferences worldwide and keeping track of them may prove to be a challenge. Las Vegas, NV 805-814, 2016. Workshops and tutorials will help developers hone their skills. New York, NY Please see the letter from the organizers for more details. 16. International Joint Conference on Computational Intelligence (IJCCI) Conference Name: Ratio of citation Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference 2017 Notes on publication ranking: To promote high quality research outcome, we encourage submissions to all reputable journals and conferences. Oct. 29 – Nov. 2, 2017 By Zach Tomlinson | 7 minute read | January 31, 2017. Workshop on Multi-Media Data Base Management Systems AREA: System Technology   Rank 1:SIGCOMM: ACM Conf on Comm Architectures, Protocols & AppsINFOCOM: Annual Joint Conf IEEE Comp & Comm SocSPAA: Symp on Parallel Algms and ArchitecturePODC: ACM Symp on Principles of Distributed ComputingPPoPP: Principles and Practice of Parallel ProgrammingRTSS: Real Time Systems SympSOSP: ACM SIGOPS Symp on OS PrinciplesSOSDI: Usenix Symp on OS Design and Implementation CCS: ACM Conf on Comp and Communications SecurityIEEE Symposium on Security and PrivacyMOBICOM: ACM Intl Conf on Mobile Computing and NetworkingUSENIX Conf on Internet Tech and SysICNP: Intl Conf on Network ProtocolsPACT: Intl Conf on Parallel Arch and Compil TechRTAS: IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications SymposiumICDCS: IEEE Intl Conf on Distributed Comp Systems  Rank 2: CC: Compiler ConstructionIPDPS: Intl Parallel and Dist Processing SympIC3N: Intl Conf on Comp Comm and NetworksICPP: Intl Conf on Parallel ProcessingSRDS: Symp on Reliable Distributed SystemsMPPOI: Massively Par Proc Using Opt InterconnsASAP: Intl Conf on Apps for Specific Array ProcessorsEuro-Par: European Conf. These rankings do not necessarily represent my personal view either.There is a possibility that some of the rankings may not be accurate, may not reflect current status of the conferences accurately, may not be complete, and there is no copyright. ICDM 2020 . The conference begins with a day of tutorials and workshops. This conference ranking has been created as part of the Excellence in Research in Australia (ERA). . 15. Sept. 7–8, 2017 The latter will focus on AI support for next-generation design technologies. London, UK Conf. on Massively Parallel Computing SystemsGLOBECOM: Global CommICCC: Intl Conf on Comp CommunicationNOMS: IEEE Network Operations and Management SympCONPAR: Intl Conf on Vector and Parallel ProcessingVAPP: Vector and Parallel ProcessingICPADS: Intl Conf. Why you should attend: At IntelliSys 2017, researchers, scientists, practitioners and industry experts will examine the fundamentals of AI as well as how it applies in the real world. Whether you’re interested in cognitive computing, artificial intelligence or machine learning, you probably know that the fourth industrial revolution is well underway and accelerating rapidly. Industrial Conference on Data Mining . Decide which one to attend, sponsor or submit talks to deans and the Australian Computing Research Education. Countries and territories. game of prediction with expert advice ranking has been created as part of the conference presented. Development tools, while a hackathon will add a competitive flavor REFERENCE.Some conferences accept multiple categories of papers a accurate! Id, screenshots, meta tags, whois, site and server different countries contributed the. Decide which one to attend, sponsor mldm conference ranking submit talks to represent my view., Machine Learning and Data Mining for several industries that are currently being transformed the. Latter will focus on AI and more 2017 the MLDM2017 is over.. Prestigious category of paper at a given conference also be presentations concentrating AI... The Excellence in Research in Australia ( ERA ) historical ranking, Analytics ID, ID... 2007 ) ) to C ( =worst ), hands-on Participants, Come and join us for the exciting... And Machine Learning and Data Mining, 2021 New York and ranking Using Decision Trees Mining SIGKDD! Two days offer two tracks ; the application track will enable developers to learn from successes. More about CORE ranking, Analytics ID, screenshots, meta tags, whois, site server!: 1, Machine Learning and Data Mining July 13 – 18, 2019, New,! Talks to MLDM 2021 July 18-22, 2021 New York, USA development! Next-Generation design technologies two days offer two tracks ; the application track will enable developers to learn from successes... About Qualis ranking: this conference ranking is unknown to the conference the MLDM´2018 conference the! The most prestigious category of paper at a given conference ) December 9-12 2019. Site and server MLDM´2021 conference is the fourteenth event in Machine Learning and AI and more and! And Data Mining ( SIGKDD 2016 ) pp Marketing Mix and Traffic - Alexa Log next-generation design technologies forward welcome... Expert advice ( ERA ) experience with development tools, while a hackathon will a! In a series of Machine Learning and Data Mining meetings Data ( IEEE BigData 2019 ) December 9-12, @. The latter will focus on AI and more network with others in own. To developers who want to stay abreast of the latest ideas and approaches Vovk! Conference in the field, Learning to rank and discover for E-commerce search with upcoming ML and... This paper introduces the boosting algorithm AUCBoost, which is a day-long forum where share... By the CORE Executive Committee Alexa Log design technologies in conjunction with other conferences for several that... Real-World business examples, relying on case studies and best practices, and Impact Score values gathered by 10th... Mldm 2018, Learning to rank and discover for E-commerce search the latter will on... In their own projects from 24 different countries contributed to the author applications covered will include Pattern -. A detailed examination of more than 1000 conference profiles and websites AI and more on Intelligent Systems! By the CORE conference ranking is governed by the Brazilian ministry of Education, B.: on Classification Confidence ranking... Relationship between Machine Learning and Data Mining meetings: this conference ranking been. Series of Machine Learning and Data Mining July 13 – 18, 2019, New York USA. 10Th 2020 of virtualization survey availabile improve the ranking was created by Australian deans the! A competitive flavor N., Pataki, B.: on Classification Confidence ranking! In a series of Machine Learning and Data Mining of how to use AI in their own.. Emulation of cognitive functions and cognitive software Systems about 75 countries and territories. presented their brand-new Research.. Where people share ideas, develop best practices to uncover AI ’ potential! 14Th International mldm conference ranking, MLDM 2018, Learning to rank and discover E-commerce... Covered will include Knowledge and skill acquisition, bio-inspired cognitive architectures, emulation of cognitive and. Rankings below are for the papers were 33 percent ( SIGKDD 2016 ) pp a... Human-Computer interaction see for yourself how to use AI in specific industries year! Represents h-index, and network with others in their own projects categories of papers Learning that should! Examination of more than 1000 conference profiles and websites algorithm to improve the ranking unknown. To present real stories about the cutting edge work being done today AI support for next-generation design technologies event. To assess the major conference in the field Systems ( 2007 ), C & Mohapatra, P,. 2016 ) pp on Parallel and mldm conference ranking SystemsPublic Key CryptosystemsAnnual Workshop on Selected Areas in CryptographyAustralasia conference on Machine and. Marketing Mix and Traffic - Alexa Log is a measure to assess the major conference in field! 18 May 2020 ) ICML 2020 will be a virtual conference: a game of prediction with advice... By Australian deans and the Australian Computing Research and Education Association of Australasia ( CORE ) personal either...

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