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The Yamaha FG800 is widely considered one of the best acoustic guitars for beginners, not only because of its surprising sound qualities but also for its ease of play. The brand is also highly regarded on YouTube. I think the guitar business is changing, there are very nice brands out there that are high quality: GODIN, CHARVEL and Ernie Ball - MusicMan...In my opinion Godin are really nice. It primarily focuses on both 6- and 12-string models. End of rant, carry on. What I love the most about this brand is that every guitarist will find its perfect match at Gibson. I’ve been playing guitar for over 10 years now, and I’m a total nerd when it comes to gear. Along with Epiphone, they’re one of the best guitar brands for beginners or newbies looking for their first real guitar. Most of the ‘top guitar brands’ list cut this brand out. Whether you have a tight budget or you are ready to spend well on a high-end guitar, you will get a perfect acoustic guitar in your budget. Then came the 1990s and the grunge revolution, and for a time anyway all things shred were out, in favor of droning guitars and melancholy lyrics. @Brad - I've noticed that too. Every brand on this list has a proven track record of producing exceptional acoustic guitars for all styles of music at all price points. I'm not sure they are available over here, or if they have it may only be in certain areas. For anyone who is willing to purchase a high-quality guitar but does not have the budget to go for a Matin or Collings guitar, the Ibanez is a smart choice. If you are into metal, Dean is a guitar company you’ll want to check out. Of course he would outgrow this by the time he is a teenager, though it would still be a cool guitar to have around. Looking for a good intermediate level guitar. However, the company did not start making guitars until its relocation to the United States in 1903 after the death of its founder. plz tell me. Manufacturers like Epiphone, Fender and Gibson are at the top of the list. Guitar Gopher (author) on February 06, 2018: @Bob - Thanks for the kind words, and glad you hear you are getting back into guitar. PRS guitars are used by players of every genre. Guitar brands include those from major manufacturers of musical instruments, including Yamaha, Gretsch, Gibson and more. Squier is to Fender as Epiphone is to Gibson, and so they make affordable versions of classic Fender guitars. That's all good but trying to list guitar brands in numeric order from the best down is as pointless as trying to rate guitar players in order from the best down. The first is Epiphone. They’ve produced some of the most legendary designs in the history of metal, including the Warlock, Bich, Virgin, and Mockingbird. In my opinion, these are still at the top of the list of best superstrats in the world. In the 1980s it seemed like Washburn guitars were everywhere, and they were leaders in the hard rock and metal guitar genre. In my opinion, it’s probably best to bookmark this page and come back to it later, instead of trying to digest the whole thing in one shot. Gibson, Taylor, Martin and Takamime are the big 4. I have also become quite intrigued by his Solar guitar lineup, though I have yet to get my hands on one. In the 1990s Dime brought the old ML back to life, and Dean expanded the concept with some sharper, more modern designs. Guitar Gopher (author) on November 28, 2016: Hi Braydyn. Guitar Brands A-Z At guitarguitar we stock a wide range of acoustic, electric and bass guitar brands. I tried my hand on the nylon string guitar, C40, and loved it. Great electric guitar that have been around 60 years. That's because they are the guitar worlds best kept secret. Every time I put my hands on these gorgeously designed guitars, I just do not want to stop. Not always the traditional and most sold is the best. The right guitar brand for country and Southern rock can make the difference between great tone and, well, something else. Of course I understand that this is just your opinion as it would be anyone's. Blueridge builds some modern designs in their Contemporary Series as well. Today these instruments are recognized as some of the finest guitars in the world, on par and often surpassing high-end Gibsons. Everyone played one from Elvis and Hendrix, to Clapton (first was a Kay), Dylan, and Paul McCartney played a Kay Bass in duet with Stevie Wonder in "ebony and Ivory" Kay is still making guitars and reissued some the most collected models like Jimmy Reed "Thin Twin" and the Signature model Barney Kessels Jazz guitars. 2. I just checked out their website though and they look beautiful. I have a Fishman Neobuster humbucker soundhole pickup in my Art & Lutherie Wild Cherry and it sounds absolutely amazing. Even so, Epiphone is one of the best electric guitar brands, known for producing quality instruments in the Gibson mold. Slash has an acoustic session and he was playing one of those as well. Check out the Ernie Ball Music Man collection, but if you don’t have the coins turn your attention to Sterling, Ernie Ball’s brand for beginners and intermediate players. They even have acoustic-electric nylon string guitars, for players who need to amplify their sound. There is a reason Yamaha has been around for so long and is so revered in the music world. They look fantastic and sound great from what I have heard. Electric guitars sometimes have information stamped on the guitar body where the neck bolts on. Cort has a following in their own skin, and many with other well known names just may not know they are playing a Cort. Guitar Gopher (author) on March 27, 2016: Hi Ankit! Here are some guitar companies that make great guitars for the jazz musician, or anyone who wants to sound like one. Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions. These guitars that he manufactured featured a proprietary pickup system containing his own designed amplifiers. What about Takamine? :-) Generally speaking, of course. These days, Rickenbacker guitars are a unique choice for guitarists looking for something with a vintage style that’s a bit off the beaten path. And be sure to check out the manufacturer websites for the latest info on their gear. Get the best deals on musical instruments and recording equipment at Sweetwater. List of 22 Best Guitar Brands and Their Logos. You may have heard the phrase "Clapton Stratocaster". Some specialize in one type of guitar (acoustic or electric), while others do well with both. You know Eddie Van Halen, that legendary guitar player who pretty much knocked the music world on its ear with his innovative sounds and playing style back in the late ‘70s. As mentioned above, many of these models are available as Epiphone copies, but that doesn’t detract from the mystique of Gibson. PRS really took off back in the ‘90s when it seemed just about everyone had swapped out their Les Paul for a PRS. Moreover, this brand offers guitars in both high-end and low-range series. Martin is an American guitar company specializing in acoustic guitars. Fender brands currently include brands include Fender®, Squier®, Guild®, Gretsch®, Jackson®, Charvel®, EVH®, Tacoma… Nathan Daniel formed Danelectro in 1947 in Redbank, NJ.

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