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Just keep the pot in a sunny, south window with cool night temperatures. Lavender Farm. Lavender plants are available in 2 1/2″, 3 1/2″ and gallon pots. Up to 3-4 in. 5 out of 5 stars (542) 542 reviews $ 12.00. Lavender prefers to be watered deeply and … There are a variety of houseplants to choose from and each one serves a different purpose. Monrovia's Melissa Lilac Lavender details and information. The nursery experts at Garden Goods Direct have put together a robust collection of indoor plants for sale, so you’re sure to find a plant that matches your unique style. Lavender 'Grosso' $9.95. or Best Offer +$14.90 shipping. From shop CompanionPlants. Lavender Plant Size Availability & Pricing. Like Coral, it a reliable perennial in zones 10 and 11, and an evergreen in the warmest climes. Right at home in cool dry climates. You don't need a garden to enjoy the soothing fragrance of Lavender. Planting: Space 12 to 20 inches apart, depending on variety. Soil for Lavender: One key to success for lavender is to plant it in well-drained soil that doesn't stay wet or muddy after a rain.It even thrives in sandy soils where other plants are likely to sulk. Lavandula angustifolia - English lavender DESCRIPTION: Scented flowering shrub, oody at the base, with slender grey-green foliage and slim stems of purple flowers during spring. Bulk Lavender Plants For Sale Ever wonder where to buy young Lavender plants in quantity? Munstead Lavender Plants. how to plant a phenomenal lavender plant Since this plant grows best in zones 4-9, it can grow well just about anywhere in the United States - even in places you didn’t think it could! Watering: For the first 2 years, you will need to water your lavender plant deeply every week. Daylily ~ NILE CRANE ~ Beautiful Lavender REBLOOMER Daylilies Plants ~ SALE! This variety needs full sun and will grow 8 – 24 inches. Many of our lavenders are often available in plug trays. This plant bears deep purple flowers and a silver hued le But the way White Grosso Lavender complements the dark purple flowers of Grosso Lavender elevates lavender to a whole new level. We only ship 1″ plugs, … 11 watchers. Planting Lavender All members of the Lavender family (have a look at our selection of lavender plants for sale here) enjoy being in the sun and they demand well drained soil that is not too acidic. Lavender 'Goodwin Creek Grey' $9.95. White Lavender may seem like an odd concept, an oxymoron even. 'Munstead' Lavender is an English Lavender that has fragrant, cool lavender-blue spikes and gray-green, mounded foliage. We can think of a million reasons why that should be you, but we'll start with a few: property taxes under $350/year, endless public lands for horseback riding, and don't even get us started on those Arizona sunsets. Soil requirements: Lavender demands well-drained soil with a pH of 6.7 to 7.3.To improve soil drainage, add builder’s sand or small limestone gravel, or tuck plants into raised beds or atop a stone wall. Lavandula angustifolia English Lavender LIVE PLANT Lavender Plant in 2.5 inch pot CompanionPlants. These trays hold 128 of all the same plant. Lantana 'Trailing Lavender… Custom orders (a guarantee on variety and quantity) are taken in the fall no later than November 15th. You can tuck this lavender into your herb garden, but we love it planted with other colorful perennials in borders, planted in a massive swath where it can sway in the breeze, or set in a pot on the patio where you can enjoy its pleasant scent. Stunning Lavender Plants. Lavender Hedging - How to plant an English Lavender Hedge. They are very happy on chalk however. Plants have naturally occurring imperfections and may have scarring, or residual cuts from the producer. Lavender 'Phenomenal' $9.95. Types of Indoor House Plants for Sale. The oils can be used in perfume and cosmetics. An old favorite, Lavender 'Munstead' is a dependable performer with profusely blooming lavender-blue flowers. It was designed to be cold hardy, drought-resistant, and tolerant of extreme temperatures and humidity. These are live plants and may not be exactly as shown. Lavender plants are perfect for containers, softening path and patio edges or low hedging, attracting an abundance of bees and insects to your garden. There's so much to love; it's a heat loving, drought tolerant, deer and rabbit resistant plant that comes back bigger and better every year. Watch. Book ahead for early spring deliveries. Our tantalising lavender collection and cottage garden plants will help you create the perfect informal, wildlife-friendly garden. Rest assured, when you buy live topiary plants online from Wilson Bros Gardens, we safely ship the highest quality container-grown, potted specimens that are ready upon arrival to plant and thrive for years to come in your gardens - Guaranteed! Watch. In an effort to farm the fields at Los Poblanos while remaining true to sustainable practices in our high-desert climate, Armin Rembe planted the first lavender crop in 1999. Lavender 'Provence White' $9.95. This allows you to thoughtfully browse our plants and plant care guides to find the best plant for your space! It may even return from the roots in zone 8 if mulched well and reseeds readily in areas with mild winters. If you live in a humid climate, add light-colored mulch and rocks around the base of your plant to reflect light and dry out the foliage. Lavender Plants Lavender 'French' $9.95. Feel Green Ecocube Lavender, Certified Organic, Grow Your Own Kit, Sustainable & Unusual Gift (100% Eco Friendly), Plant in A Wooden Cube, Made in Austria 2.6 out of 5 stars 51 £9.95 £ 9 . Light for Lavender Plants: Grow lavender in a warm, sunny spot -- this plant likes lots and lots of light.Full sun (at least 6 to 8 hours) of direct light per day is best. These indoor Lavender plants are well-suited to the dry conditions of our houses, and throw spikes of deep blue flowers above silver foliage. USE IN: Perfect for cottage gardens and hedging. This is how the pros plant their fields buy either purchasing bulk wholesale the desired number of plugs or propagating their own by way of cuttings. Welcome to Skull Valley Lavender Farm—a 3.5-acre private retreat also harvesting hops, fruit, figs, wool, eggs, honey and berries that just happens to be looking for its next owner. Buy It Now +$11.99 shipping. All our lavender plants are edible however we would recommend any of the Angustifolia lavenders as their softer scent is the perfect accompaniment to flavour your meals. $12.00. Suited to rockeries and pots. Buying bulk Lavender plant plugs are the way to go if you are looking to plant a large number of plants cheaply. 95 long (7-10 cm), its flower spikes rise elegantly on long stems and retain their lovely and intense color, making this lavender an excellent choice for cut flowers, whether fresh or dried. Lavender 'Hidcote' $9.95. Feature newsletter: Lavender: 1.2.3 CHOOSING, PLANTING, GROWING, PRUNING, HARVESTING AND USING . Learn more about Monrovia plants and best practices for best possible plant performance. Dwarf Lavender Plants found in: Lavender 'Hidcote', Lavender 'Munstead', Lavender 'Hidcote', Hardy English Lavender, Lavender 'Munstead', Fuchsia .. Our store, stock, and inventory is showcased online only. Lavender 'Munstead' $9.95. Munstead English Lavender (b) Angustifolia 'Munstead' is a favorite among gardeners due to the small size and fragrant flowers.. With piercing purple-blue hued flowers, this hardy, semi-evergreen Lavender variety pairs well with other larger Lavender varieties , such as English Lavender , Lavender 'Hidcote' , White Lavender , or French Lavender . Whether you plant this simple-to-maintain Lavender in a raised garden bed or larger container on your porch, it shines with one-of-a-kind color and fragrance. Makes a … Great Balls of Fire™ Lavender Ivy Geranium Plants offer large semi-double, lavender flowers, superior branching, and glossy, sharply lobed foliage. This aromatic herb is a wonderful ornamental in your garden and produces tons of fragrant flowers which are … Availability generally includes Grosso, Provence, Munstead, Hidcote and Phenomenal lavender varieties in 3.5 inch pots and one gallon containers. Plants are available the first of May. We also carry dried and live lavender: Dried lavender bundles; Dried lavender florets; Live lavender plants; Bulk and Wholesale Lavender: Purple Haze Lavender Farm also supplies a variety of lavender products for wholesale and bulk purchase. There's so much to love; it's a heat loving, drought tolerant, deer and rabbit resistant plant … The rich, velvety dark navy blue flowers of English Lavender 'Royal Velvet' are truly eye-catching. English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is probably the most famous and familiar types of lavender.Mounding plants grow roughly 2 to 3 feet tall and wide. Dwarf Lavender Hedge Plants Description Dwarf Lavender is a compact yet impressively fragrant, low-growing lavender, perfect for garden borders, pathways or rockeries. Favorite Add to SALE 2020 Lavender Dried 2.5 oz bunch 200 Stems bundle Fragrant bouquets crafts weddings Grosso English bundle best seller Mother's Day LavenderTwins. The Lavandula Angustifolia lavender species is the most recommended and valued of all lavenders because of the high quality oil produced by the plants. Thompson & Morgan English Lavender ‘Lavandula Munstead’ in Pot for Sale Ready to Plant Potted Garden Outdoor Plants, Evergreen Shrubs, Ideal for Pollinators, Patios, Indoor Cut Flower (2 x 9cm Pots) Buy Lavender plants wholesale through our wholesale plant nursery.. Limited quantities often available summer and fall. (See listing above or check stick tag that comes with the plant for specific spacing recommendations.) LAVENDER CUTTINGS (10) LIVE PLANTS 6" SPANISH ... Lavandula dentata 'Goodwin Creek' GOODWIN CREEK LAVENDER live plant in 4 in pot. Honey bees pollinate this purple-hued plant, meaning beauty and ease combine. Virtually everything that is for sale in our store is also available to business owners at wholesale prices. Grow it anywhere you have a hot, dry spot -- beds and borders, container gardens, window boxes. Our Lavender Porterweed is a medium-sized cultivar has slightly smaller blossoms and a shorter stature, though that does not affect its ability to bloom for a very long season. Color and Fragrance, From Patios to Yards Effortless versatility and adaptability merge to make the Lavender Standard second to none. Lavender 'Provence' $9.95. Catalog information on Lavenders. Light requirements: Full sun. The species medicinal properties include everything from … English Lavender (a) The English lavender plant (Angustifolia) produces flowers that are great for cooking and are frequently used for decoration. Lavender is beautiful, fragrant, and easy to grow; what more could you ask for. Known to attract hummingbirds, This heat and drought tolerant ivy geranium blooms all summer, even in the hottest gardens! Lavender is beautiful, fragrant, and easy to grow; what more could you ask for. $3.50. This variety is much hardier in cold temperatures than the Italian or French lavender. Lavandula angustifolia. Buy Lavender Plants online Free Delivery when you spend over £30. Sale Price $4.05 $ 4.05 $ 4.50 Original Price $4.50 (10% off) ... Live lavender plant hidcote lavender plant winter hardy lavender purple lavender flower Plant Fr 1 gallon Pototsize FULL plant like photo happysundayceres.

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