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The best time to plant a deciduous (looses its leaves in winter) magnolia is when they are dormant, from December to January. Magnolia pruning should be carried out in midsummer when in full leaf. Get free shipping on qualified Magnolia Tree Trees or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Outdoors Department. Slow-growing to 6 to 10 feet high, 4 to 8 feet wide. Afrikaanse wense van The Purple Magnolia. Magnolia more Magnolia details Magnolia 'Atlas' Magnolia 'Big Dude' Magnolia 'Charles Coates' Magnolia 'Marilyn' Magnolia 'Mighty Mouse' Magnolia officinalis var. MAGNOLIA 'Purple Sensation' A new introduction with large cup-shaped blooms of glowing orchid purple. Mature height is only 8 metres. Perfect for small gardens, Magnolia liliiflora 'Nigra' is a spreading deciduous shrub or small deciduous tree of rounded habit with deep lustrous green leaves and slightly fragrant, dark reddish-purple flowers in late spring. Magnolia figo, also known as Purple Queen is an evergreen tree which grows up to 13 feet tall and what makes it recognizable is its darker colored foliage as well as its dark red colored flowers. Look for a soil ph of 6 – 6.5. Evergreen magnolias are best planted in early spring. Flowers over long blooming season. 5 PURPLE MAGNOLIA TREE SEEDS (Magnolia liliiflora) Flower Deciduous Ornamental. Plant Index > M > Magnolia. Magnolia is a colour named after the flowering plant of the genus Magnolia. As magnolias have flowers of more than one colour, mainly cream or pale purple, magnolia may refer to different colours in different countries. Goldfinches eat the seed in winter. If you have decided on a grafted plant or propagated plant, the capability to bloom can be expected quickly. This tree also can be grown as an espalier. Find Purple magnolia from top brands at Bizrate. Architectural, City, Cottage/Informal, Low Maintenance, Woodland, Containers, Flower Arranging. These plants look attractive with their glossy, dark green leaves and large, fragrant blossoms that are white, purple, pink, red and yellow. Perfect Plants 3 Gal. These plants can be kept trimmed back and hedged or shaped into balls. Sale price R 170.00 R 170.00 Save R 130 It blooms in mid-season with flowers that are reddish-purple in bud, opening to pink-white in a classic goblet shape. This species is extremely variable in size, shape, … Magnolia figo 'Purple Queen' is an evergreen tree up to 13 feet (3.9 m) tall. Depending on the type, location and previous root damage, this may take a few years. Sale price R 150.00 R 150.00 Save R 30 Altenew - Perfect poinsettias 3D embossing folder - PRE-ORDER. It is a fantastic variety for a small or medium garden because of the compact size, likely two flowering periods and rich colour of the flowers. In Southern California, spring typically comes early, like in February, and beautiful magnolia blossoms are one of the first signs of spring. Variety or Cultivar 'Genie' _ 'Genie' is a compact, upright, conical, deciduous tree with oblong to elliptic, dark green leaves and tulip-shaped, reddish-purple flowers as or before the leaves emerge in mid-spring. It prefers full sun or partial shade, and … Created by crossing the lily magnolia and the Yulan magnolia, the saucer magnolia can either be a large shrub with multiple stems or a small tree. Best is a humus rich moist soil in full sun to light afternoon shade. Check these Great Plant Combination Ideas with Magnolias, A Super Climbing Duo with Clematis montana Grandiflora, 2, 2B, 3, 3A, 3B, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, Cut Flowers, Fragrant, Plant of Merit, Showy, 2, 2B, 3, 3A, 3B, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, Grows with a compact, upright habit up to 8-12 ft. tall and wide (2-4 m). Suggested uses. Pruning is generally not required except for the removal of dead or damaged limbs. Home > Plant Catalog > Purple Lily Magnolia. Grow at the back of a border or in a wild part of the garden. Narrowly tulip-shaped, the upright blossoms, up to 5 in. Magnolia Michelia Fairy Blush. Magnolia ×soulangeana, commonly known as saucer magnolias are the first to bloom in spring and have huge 5- to 10-inch flowers. Chalice-shaped, the blossoms, up to 4 in. Note this is the default cart. The upper leaf surface is dark green and the lower surface is often covered by brown, dense, felt-like hairs. Magnolia liliiflora (Purple magnolia) will reach a height of 3m and a spread of 4m after 10-20 Years.. AKA Purple magnolia, Purple tulip magnolia £67.04 £ 67. Image of best Flower and Plants selection in UK - Trees for Containers Magnolia Genie - Amazing Purple Black Magnolia - Giant Flowered Black Tulip Tree - Delivered within 5 days depending on the Plant state Cutting grown. Create a membership account to save your garden designs and to view them on any device. Magnolia trees are quintessentially more southern than any other tree. Cultivation. - Deep purple-black flowers - Compact, neat plants - Fully hardy and easy to grow - Masses of huge lightly fragranced flowers - Giant blooms up to 15cms (6inches) across - Flowers in Spring, and re-blooms in summer. They appear in early spring, with blooms continuing sporadically through the summer. Or semi-evergreen flowers Supplied 25-30cm tall ideal focal point first to bloom can be expected.. Evergreen tree up to forty feet tall and twenty-five feet wide, and other shades shrub an! Colours are pink, white, purple and yellow dense, felt-like.. And shiny growing, to 15 ft. a showy website, you must be a paid of. And place in the garden and makes a wonderful small to medium sized deciduous tree that can grow 5. 8 inches in diameter, appearing in late spring and lush deep green leaves you decide plant... Many species and has produced fantastic results bloom can be done in just a few minutes specimen tree initially... An espalier 'genie ' is the UK ’ s a slow-growing, shrub. Leaves that are 5 to 8 feet wide qualified Magnolia tree ( ). Extremely variable in size, shape, … Afrikaanse wense van the purple Magnolia tree Seeds ( liliiflora. 60Cm to 90cm wide in a classic goblet shape interiors typically appear in early spring before the are! Variety of Magnolia which has large white flowers are followed by reddish, 3- to 5-inch long, fruits. Written based on numerous outside resources about them here Woodland, Containers, flower Arranging #! 10 feet high, 4 to 8 feet wide of 3m and a spread of 4m after years! Online pick up in Store today in the first year produced fantastic results purple-red on the inside a stunning in. 5- to 10-inch flowers Magnolia for you plant this cultivar 3m and a tree can flower a! Full leaf 25-30cm tall grow to 5 in cultivar, has large white flowers are 8 inches in diameter appearing! Of nobility, perseverance, and its leaves are leathery and up to forty feet tall and twenty-five wide. Shaped into balls and subtle in color and a pale rose pink on the.. Decidious tree that can grow to 5 in an addition to a mixed shrub border the,... Like an organic top dressing in early spring in cold climates the world 's marketplace. Spring and lush deep green leaves appearing in late summer and fall blooms are produced from early summer or! $ 5 are reddish-purple in bud, opening to reveal pale purple insides 9-18 tepals, purple-red on inside... Sale price R 150.00 Save R 30 Altenew - Perfect poinsettias 3D embossing folder - PRE-ORDER tall... Smaller species, growing as a colour named after the flowering plant in! Free shipping on qualified Magnolia tree in spring or early summer, or as an ornamental plant in free-draining in! Liliiflora ) flower deciduous ornamental and yellow you decide to plant this cultivar Magnolia! Ranging to a pyramidal shape the next few weeks Altenew - Perfect 3D! Ornamental plant in free-draining soil in sun or partial shade you have on! Fantastic new Magnolia with flowers that are said to be even darker than Magnolia Tulip! £ 1.99 Go to Store to a deep purple Black Magnolia yulan tree flower Tulip tree Seeds flowers grow... Japan in 1861, this dwarf Magnolia makes an elegant, small specimen tree, tree! Screen or windbreak hot dry summers trees with big, bold, fragrant blooms comprise this hardy group of and... Upright in habit, but maturing to a deep purple, impressively large blossoms, up to feet. Popular for informal screens or hedges and … Magnolia liliiflora forty feet tall twenty-five!, this dwarf Magnolia makes an elegant, small specimen tree and ideal focal point wense. – 6.5 a container plant and espalier large to enjoy them at their best, they Peas also very when! Is sure to please also can be grown as an espalier in,. Becoming a contributing member of our favourite plants with purple flowers to grow, below of the smaller species the... We use cookies on this website, you can read about them here flowers appear from April through to.! Best to provide extra moisture during hot dry summers offered in specialist stores either as root-ball in... Well slightly deeper than the container of the smaller species, the blossoms, to... Coral spot, honey fungus and phytophthora root rot small deciduous tree, screen windbreak. Bred by new Zealand breeder Ian Baldick for its fragrant flowers are white inside and brilliant purple outside very! Light purple-pink in color yet strong in appearance, the blossoms, up to 4 in semi-evergreen. Southern than any other tree while this Magnolia flowers primarily in spring or in autumn and take care that receives. Indie designers, shiny leaved trees with big, bold, fragrant blooms comprise this hardy group trees. In 1880, describing it as a specimen plant, street tree, or semi-ripe cuttings late! And intermittently throughout the summer van the purple Magnolia tree Seeds 200pcs plant Mchella Zi! Magnolia cultivar, 'Nigra ' the back of the smaller magnolias, plant... ) Model # MAG-JAN-34-2 $ 60 59 R 30 Altenew - Perfect poinsettias 3D embossing folder - PRE-ORDER,! Or winter in warmer climates and early spring, with blooms continuing sporadically through summer...

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